Introducing a lovely oak and white wooden set including triple bunk bed frame and trundle frame. Fit three sleepers in one room with the ultimate space saving bunk. 


Full Bed Measurement: Length= 211cm x Width= 101cm x Height= 160cm

Trundle Bed Dimensions:Length= 197cm x Width= 95cm. 
Gap from floor to bottom trundle = 4.5cm
Trundle Height (Front)= 26cm x Trundle Height (Side & Back)= 16.2cm
Trundle Inside Measurements: Length= 188cm x Width=91.5cm x Height= 16cm
Gap from Floor to Mattress Frame on the Main Bed= 27.5cm
Gap from Floor to First Step Ladder= 35cm
Gap in Between the step ladders= 30cm
Step Ladder Measurements= Lenght= 40cm x Width= 18.5cm x Height= 127cm
Entrance Gap at the top of the ladder= 37cm

Ladder Metal Handle: Length= 23cm
Height From Floor to Top Of Mattress (Lower Bunk)= 43.2cm
Height From Floor to Top Of Mattress (Upper Bunk)= 139.5cm

Gap In Between Top & Bottom Bunk: Height= 74cm x Length= 194cm

Big entrance Gap in Between (Front & Back): Height= 57.5cm x Length= 79cm

Top Bunk Siderails Height= 44cm


Box Sizes (in cm)
Length x Width x Depth x Weight

    Box 1 202 37 9 27
    Box 2 203 47 9 28
    Box 3 164 51 12 32
    Box 4 198 100 6 38
    Box 5 98 93 10.5 6
    Box 6 197 43 5 17


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