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Bunk beds

Ideal for room sharing, you can get a single bunk bed for two sleepers or a bunk bed with an added trundle underneath to make three beds, perfect for those crowded sleepovers and occasional visitors. Maximise your room space!

High sleepers

Similar to a bunk bed, high sleepers offer an elevated bed, unlike a bunk bed, high sleepers don't come with a second bunk underneath but instead offer free space for you to use however you see fit. Some high sleepers come with a desk or seating area included, others give you the option to add your own furniture. Personalise your kids' high sleeper and add a wardrobe for storage and other useful space optimising features such as a desk for their computer or TV or even a small seating area they can chill out in.

Cabin beds and storage options

Keep their rooms nice and tidy with extra storage space with our range of kids' beds with storage. Whether it's built-in drawers, wardrobes and shelves cabin beds are truly multi-functional and versatile choice of furniture. Check out our selection of kids' chest of drawers because let 's be can never have too much storage space. Browse the kids' furniture collection to see what you can add to your kids' room to make the most out of their space.

Standard Low sleepers

Take a look at our kids' beautiful low sleeper beds, a classic bedroom piece with great space saving solutions for any bedroom. We have a variety of styles and functions available; from extra storage low sleepers, to simple and sturdy bed frames with mattress options.

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