Kids learning Arabic though printable flashcards.


It’s a challenge for parents to make their kids learn more in a way they seek pleasure and find learning interesting, comfortable and enjoyable as well. Kids learn more with combination of colors, shapes, pictures and interesting quizzes. We can’t only focus on books for learning; there are other attractive form of learning for kids to improve concentration and focus more and for this purpose printable flashcards is a great way for learning alphabets, numbers, words, picture recognition and much more. This educational tool is easy to carry and an effective method to help children, recall, and revise, reading the alphabets with pictures with much more ease and in a friendly manner.

 Who doesn’t love flash cards while schooling kids at home! Kids often have their collection of favorite flashcards like our most loved Arabic numbers woodland theme flashcard. It’s a perfect way to introduce the Arabic numbers which are designed specifically for young children and promotes positive Arabic learning. They are available with our comfortable, audacious Woodland theme bedding  including duvet cover and pillowcase set. In fact, Purenur is a brand that aims to make the environment more cozy, friendly and innovative for kids. Learning can be made interesting in variety of ways like it can be done if we add learning materials into the room which makes the children see, enjoy, absorb in mind different alphabets, numbers, shapes and colors in playful mood. You can simple pave a story out of these flash cards and Arabic woodland theme duvet cover of some adventurous journey of Arabic letters through the woods filled with mighty trees. The parents can also make kids to count and find the alphabets on the bedding with different pictures. This will arouse the creative and innovative ability of kids and take them into the world of learning and fun. Once the kid start loving these flash cards available with different bedding themes at our website, you can add more similar products into the room for further learning.

How to use our free printable flashcards?

1. Download free pdf using the link bellow

2. Print-out the cards on to cardstock paper of your choice

3. Cut along the dashed lines.

You kids is ready to benefit through this method of learning and memorizing Arabic numbers. There are 20 flash cards within the downloadable pdf, present with Arabic & English numbers from 1-10, along with simple engaging questions for each card with beautiful images available with the Duvet cover that are entirely free and is only for educational purposes. We aim to provide completely healthy learning environment for kids. You can have a look at our combination of matching Arabic number woodland bedding with printable flashcards and benefit from them at Purenur.

 Download Printable Arabic Numbers 1-10 - Here -