The importance of natural 100% cotton in children’s bedding.

Sleeping is an important part of kid’s growth and nourishment. As a parent, we deliberately can’t ignore things related to kids sleeping because it might impact their overall health and development. Kids spend most of their time sleeping because of their energetic activities and learning endeavors throughout the day. They need more comfortable and sound sleep to feel rejuvenated and fresh after waking up. And for this, the environment and bedding plays a vital role.

To keep our kids safe and healthy always we need to select good quality bedding set. And to attain this purpose Purenur provides natural 100% cotton in children’s bedding. Our selection is based on high quality standards with multiple advantages like smooth material, comfort, durability, breathability and no health hazards at all for kids. We prefer Cotton because it causes no harm when contacted to kids skin; it is soft, lightweight, neat and of fine quality. It’s important to keep kids bedding clean and kids always end up staining it or using it most of the times for doing many tasks on it, so we use the finest fiber that don’t deteriorate even after washing several times. Most importantly, cotton is breathable, which allows sweating in summer to evaporate through it and also making kids sleep more comfortably at night through the regulated temperature in cotton sheets.

We choose organic cotton for bedding which mean the cotton we select are grown without harsh chemicals and also the plants are not modified genetically. So as a result, your kids experience relaxing, cozy bedding land free of chemicals and doesn’t suffer any health problems. To make your experience long-lasting and interesting, all of our Bedding Sets are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to suit your taste well and maintains positive room environment with décor too. Kids feel happy with decorated bed sheets with different digital patterns, shapes, and colors with attention grabbing pictures and Arabic alphabets making them learn and enjoy every time.

Purenur is a brand of high-quality which gives you outstanding and long lasting experience; we care and finds solutions for your little ones. We provide multiple themed bedding set for your kids with variety of color digital print and educational purposes as well on luxurious 100% cotton fabric. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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